Fall Fashion:: How to transition your Summer wardrobe into Fall

How to Transition your wardrobe into Fall

Vest: Target | Shirt: c/o Gray Monroe | Denim: 7FAM | Handbag: Adrienne Vittadini c/o Marshalls | Sneakers: Adidas | Monogram Necklace: Julia Marie | Sunglasses: Prada c/o Ditto (use code: JULIAMARIE for your 1st month FREE)

How to transition your wardrobe into Fall

How to transition your wardrobe into Fall

How to transition your wardrobe into Fall


The Lesson:

It’s been Fall since September 1st as far as all of “The Basics” are concerned and legit Fall in 3 days. If you live in the South or any other warm climate the actual start of Fall tends to still be in the 80’s even in the 90’s (I’m talking to YOU Atlanta!) and that makes it a challenge to whip out the flannels, boots and PSL’s. I’ve been brainstorming ways to incorporate everyone’s favorite season into our wardrobes while the temperatures still blazing.

  • Sleeveless Duster (seen here): a light weight sleeveless duster is not only on trend but perfect to throw on over your favorite T and jeans (add heels to dress up or sneakers/flats for a casual look) or even a Summer Maxi Dress.
  • Booties: Literally just throw booties on. Changing your shoes completely determine the vibe of your overall look. You can wear a T, shorts and adding booties immediately make you look like Fall.
  • Hats: Top off your look (pun intended 😉 ) with a hat in a heaver material for an instant, “Hi, I’d like to order a Grande PSL” look. Think faux suede and felt when shopping for Fall head gear. Check out THIS, THIS and THIS. This HAT is on my personal wish list! #swoon
  • Nail Color: Personally, I’m ready for Fall and my first transition piece was nail polish. I sadly took my Mint Candy and changed it out with a dark grey shade and BOOM I look like Fall!

Long story short, accessories are always game changers and have the last say in look.

The Outfit:

Duster: I’ve been eyeing this utility duster vest since Target got it in and finally made the purchase and it is a total game changer!!! This is my first duster and I don’t think it will be my last. I wore it this past week with this look as well as over a Summer Maxi Dress and loved both looks. #sold

Denim: These jeans are 7 for All Mankind and my absolute favorite. I have a hard time finding jeans that fit my body well and 7FAM never let me down. Being bottom heavy denim shopping is SOOOO challenging. There’s a 14″ difference between my waist and hips and most jeans gap at the waist, the thighs are either too tight or they fit and there’s a foot of extra fabric in the waist and none of my 7FAM jeans do. They also design the back of the jeans so that the butt looks lifted and rounder. When I’m denim shopping I immediately look for 7FAM and never make it to any other brands, If it ain’t broke don’t fix.

Bag: I’ve been wanting to go smaller with my handbag and try the mini trend and I have mixed reviews. I love that it is small and lightweight. However, to get to anything in the bag you have to take everything out and ain’t nobody got time for that. I was able to fit my full size wallet, sunglasses with case, keys and lip colors in this bag, much more than I expected. I think the mini’s are great if you only need to carry your wallet, keys and lip balm but that’s it. I’m still very happy with this purchase and glad I added it to the team.



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  1. Love this post. Great looks and real woman commentary on seeking clothes to fit and look well on the not 85 pounds and no curves types. That is refreshing! Love your witty banter as well. Keep them coming!

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