Why You Should Shop the Target Clearance Rack

Why you should shop the clothing clearance rack at Target

Dress: Target (old) similar HERE  swooning for THIS | Scarf: (old) similar HERE | Handbag: Kate Spade (old) similar HERE and HERE | Sneakers: Adidas

Why you should shop the clothing clearance rack at Target

Why you should shop the clothing clearance rack at Target

The Lesson

If you know me IRL or Follow me on Snap ( shopjuliamarie ) you know I go hard for Target. The bright lights, the clean aisles, the awesome customer service, THE STARBUCKS right when you walk in. #praisehim There is no department at Target I don’t shop in and that includes the apparel. Over the years I have found more than one, two or twenty amazing gems from the ladies clothing department. A lot of the clothing items I have I scored on clearance including this sweatshirt dress. Both my scarf and sunglasses are from Target too but they weren’t on clearance, can’t win em all.

Because I am a seasoned retail vet, I can typically tell if an item will sell out immediately or if it will end up on clearance. I determine this by how trendy the item is and if it’s saturating the market. For instance, this Express Hoodie Dress I wore here is a style I had been looking for for over a year (I shop 24/7 so if I can’t find it, it’s probably not being made). When I finally found it I immediately purchased it and 2 weeks later it was sold out. It sold out quickly because no one can find that style.

On the other hand, Bomber jackets are every where this season. Most of them all look the same regardless of the price point or brand. I guarantee there will be an abundance on clearance by November. Unless the bomber you’re eyeing is special (it has something the others don’t) you can hold off on that purchase, it’s not going anywhere. Personally, the bomber I’m eyeing is SPECIAL (to me) so I’m making that purchase in the next 2 weeks.

Everywhere Example | Special Example

With that being said, there are things that I wait on to purchase but if I love it (and if I’m waiting, I do love it) I wait for it to hit the first mark on clearance which is 30% off. Usually, I never wait for the second mark 50% off because it’s too risky but I’ve gotten really lucky with the 50% off and 70% off marks. Most of my clearance purchases are at the 50% + mark.

So, next time you’re in your local Target picking up TP and toothpaste slide by the clothing clearance racks to see what may be waiting for you.

Why you should shop the clothing clearance rack at Target

The Outfit

Dress: I scored this dress on clearance from the Red Bullseye, I think, 3 years ago. This dress caught my eye soon after it arrived into store but I wasn’t ready or sure about making the purchase. Then one day I was randomly in Target like I find myself once or twice a week. No, seriously I’m there 1-2 times a week literally for no other reason than Target makes me happy. Follow my Snap Chat for proof ( shopjuliamarie ). ….Back to the point, I was randomly in Target and saw this dress on clearance for 50% off and it was an immediate purchase. 3 years later I’m still getting my $15 out of it.

I knew I didn’t want a loose fit like I had seen on others so I sized down for a fitted bodycon look. Because my top half is much smaller than my bottom half had I sized up the top half would have fit loosely while the bottom half would literally fit the same. That wasn’t the look I wanted.

Scarf: Plaid has been huge the past few Fall/Winter seasons. I’m not a huge fan of plaid in general so this white, black and grey plaid was subtle enough for me to take part in the trend but still remain true to my personal style. I’ve noticed plaid is not nearly as popular this coming season. I’m seeing a good amount of solid blanket scarves *praise hands*, stripes, lots of stripes and of course, plaid.

I’ve been shopping and snapping these new arrivals as they come in to stores. Follow my Snap ( shopjuliamarie), I share all the goods I find on there. For instance, I found OTK UGG boots today that retail for $300+ at TJ Maxx for only $150, they were snapped with the stores location. IJS.

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