Buffalo Plaid Dress: Shop Small

Buffalo Plaid Dress. Shop Small.

Dress: Sonya Bee‘s (old) | Booties: Target (old)

Blue and Black Buffalo Plaid Dress and Booties

Blue and Black Buffalo Plaid Dress and Booties

Blue and Black Buffalo Plaid Dress and black booties

Black and Blue Buffalo Plaid Dress and black booties

The Lesson

Each year I write down my goals, an action plan to achieve these goals and put it all on a vision board I hang in a highly visible area to remind me of my goals. Previously, I only created a vision board with photos and I did it in January. However, last year I decided to go the goals + action plan + vision board route and I did that in the last quarter of 2015 so that I was able to start seeing results Day 1 of 2016. With that being said 2016 has been the most productive and happiest years thus far. Praise him!

One of those goals was to make a conscious effort to shop small. Whether is be fashion, home, food or services. To be honest it’s usually food or services, what can I say, I enjoy a good time.

The reason shopping small is so important is because it directly impacts your community and a family or two in your neighborhood. The profit from your sale isn’t going to pay a board millions and billions of dollars to make cut back decisions to keep their pockets from deflating. The profit from your sale is directly going back into your community in numerous ways. Each sale helps to keep a roof over a families head, food in their mouths, medical bills paid and college tuition for their children. In addition, the owners are your neighbors so they are putting the majority of their money back into your community with each purchase, donation a tax penny spent.

In addition to helping your community you’ll also have a one of a kind usually charming experience. While in Charleston last week I skipped my daily Starbucks and tried The Rise Coffee Bar. The Rise is quaint, charming, on trend and Instagram picture perfect. The best part, I experienced the best black tea I’ve ever had in life. As much as I love The Bux (check my gold card history) you won’t receive that experience there.

A few of my favorite small businesses are …

  • Julia Marie Ummm, hello!!! (shameless plug) My little shop is custom-made jewelry created in sterling silver, 18kt gold over sterling silver, Solid Gold and even some rose gold. The Holidays are coming and our pieces are big gift giving items. I highly recommend the Nicole Monogram, Tiny Name Necklace, these Monogram Earrings, the classic Carrie Name Necklace and the Family Tree Charm Necklace.
  • The Rise so small they don’t even have a website. It’s a one of a kind coffee bar located off of The Restoration Hotel on Wentworth in Charleston. 5 stars!
  • Pink Dot Beauty Bar also located in Charleston. Pink Dot carries all natural cosmetics and skin care and their store mascot, Bob Parker, the cutest white Pomeranian is there daily to greet you at the door.
  • Sweet T Down on The Edisto is a home goods shop owned are created by my High School friend, Cassie. They handcraft one of a kind pieces from old window panes, pallets and more. Personally, I’m eyeing the South Carolina wall plaque. I’d like it solid white with a pink heart at the Charleston location point, maybe even with “home” written in cursive.
  • Tees in the Trap gives us all the sassy sayings on T’s, mugs and more. The “A lil’ bougie” tee in gold has my heart and the “Thick thighs saves lives” makes me happy as well.
  • Aviate brings home state and city love to hats and tees in the form of the airport code. Give me ATL and CHS, please and thank you!

Buffalo Plaid dress fall fashion

Black and Blue Buffalo Plaid Fall Fashion

Black and Blue Buffalo Plaid Dress Fall Fashion

The Outift

This dress was my first small business purchase of 2016, it was a birthday gift to me from me! #Capricorn If you haven’t noticed yet I love a dress and this piece is no different. It’s soft, cozy and warm. Not only will it hide all the holiday food and PSL’s you may or may not indulge in but it has enough shape to make you look polished and stylish.

In colder weather I wear this with OTK boots and with booties or Superstars now. What can I say, I love a dress with sneakers, it’s one of my signature looks.



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