Review: Eyelash Extensions with Happily Every Lashing

Eyelash Extension Review

If you follow me on Snap Chat (shopjuliamarie) you know I’ve been wanting to try eyelash extensions but as a person who keeps her beauty routine very natural I was a little unsure how I would like them. Well, I finally took the plunge with Happily Ever Lashing and am giving them a whirl and so far I love them! I love how natural they look and most importantly I love being able to wear even less make-up than I already do. Let me walk you through my appointment and the 5 days following since I’ve had my extensions applied.

Before and After Eyelash Extension Review

Before and After

The Appointment:

The appointment is typically 2-2.5 hours long and you should arrive without any make-up/mascara on. It can be a relaxing experience you are able to nap through or listen to a podcast if you’re feeling froggy. Your bottom lashes are taped down (you know, so they don’t interfere with the adhesive being used on the top lashes. This for me was the most awkward part as you don’t have full movement with your eyes. However, I’m pretty special and legit thought I went blind during a facial when an extra cloth was put over my eyes so while the tape on my lower lashes felt really weird to me it may not bother someone a little less crazy than me.

Week 1 :

I immediately loved the look of the lashes but was unsure I’d last until they naturally fell out because I could feel the weight of the lashes and stickiness of the adhesive. Once again, I’m pretty special and hate the feeling of make-up, humidity, sweat, etc on my skin so there’s that. However, after the first 24 hours I could no longer feel the foreignness of the extensions.

The next day after my lash appointment I had a hair appointment (hey, it was maintenance weekend) and 2 stylist commented on my lashes saying that they were perfect and they didn’t realize they were extensions! Family on the other hand you can never get one by. My 11 year old niece and cousin (not 11) both asked immediately after greeting me if I was wearing fake lashes, lol! Obviously, they’ve known me their entire lives and are very familiar with my natural lashes.

Currently, I’m on Day 5 with my lashes and so far love them! I’ve only knowingly said goodbye to 2 lashes and being in humid Charleston and taking 3 showers a day (judge me, like I said the feeling of make-up and humidity on my skin make me feel gross) and I’m pretty impressed. I am a rule follower though and do my best to not touch or rub my lashes except to brush them per the after care instructions. I’m interested in seeing how my natural lashes will look after and will keep you all posted here and on Snap Chat.

Eyelash Extension Review

Lash Details:

The lash extensions are synthetic lashes applied to a single natural lash using a medical grade adhesive. They are lightweight, feels natural, and gives the “eyeliner” effect. Happily Ever Lashing puts the health of your lashes first and uses top quality products from companies like Borboleta Beauty. Eyelash extensions can be worn indefinitely with touch-ups every 2-3 weeks for maintenance.
I have Volume lashes which are 2 or more fine extensions applied to one isolated natural lash.
Thank you to Happily Ever Lashing for allowing me the opportunity to try eyelash extensions for the first time, I’m pretty sold on them now! To see more of Arlena’s work check out her Instagram and Facebook
Please let me know your eyelash extension experiences below, I love to learn through others!

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