Monday Motivation

Chambray Jumpsuit


The Lesson

Warning: Today’s lesson is not style related.

If you follow me on Snap (shopjuliamarie) you may be familiar with my camera drama which has caused 70% of the photos I’ve taken for the blog to be unusable. Really, only a few shots are up to my standards but I was ready to get the party started so I posted what I could.

Due to my lack of patience I purchased my camera on a Friday and had a 9 outfit shoot planned for Sunday. Well, I got 7 out of 9 looks shot then when I got home realized only 2 of the 7 looks were useable. So, being determined I took my tri-pod out before work on Thursday morning to re-shoot a dress and once again the pictures are no good. Later on Thursday I took my camera to the “Nikon Guy” thought I worked out what was wrong and was good to go to shoot. Saturday morning I tried shooting AGAIN the first outfit looked amazing on the LCD screen, I thought I was in the game! (Update: I found out when I got home and pulled this look up on my laptop those photos weren’t as in focus as I thought.) Went to shoot my second look and only one photo was in focus (this chambray jumpsuit is that look). Once again being determined I took my camera back to the Nikon guy we both played with my camera for an hour only to come to the conclusion that something is off with the focus when the self timer is being used.

In the grand scheme of things it’s only a minor set back. I’m headed to the company I purchased it from as this publishes to exchange it/fix it/what ever needs to happen so my tri-pod and I can be great all around Atlanta.

I say all of that to say this, we really have to take our time before jumping in with both feet. We shouldn’t think or expect that we will be great and amazing from Day 1. There is a learning curve, unexpected things like a faulty focus happen. We have to adjust to the curve and unexpected as they come.

I researched how to run a blog as a business for a month and stalked blogs for a year before my site was published and I’m still learning and working on it daily. The photography of it is no different, nor is any other area of our lives.

So, be patient and take one step at a time towards your greatness! #TurnUp it’s Monday!


P.S. The good news in this is that I’m not a bad photographer!!! *Praise Hands*

P.P.S. The photo below is how all of the photos I’ve taken using my tri-pod look. I included it to give you an idea of my struggle. If this were a blog about bushes, it’d be lit!


Chambray Jumpsuit Kate Spade handbag


The Outfit

While I love this jumpsuit and get compliments on it IRL I did not like how it photographed (on me). Maybe I’m being too critical of myself or maybe it’s the hint of CT, I’m not sure. Either way, this has been a Summer Staple and is 100% lazy chic* approved. I foresee it in rotation next Spring/Summer as well if I don’t update it. This jumpsuit may get some love this upcoming Fall season with Oxford’s and a cardi too. I love this jumpsuit and have worn it out this season because 1) it’s comfortable AF 2) It’s easy to wear 3) I look like I have my life together (somewhat). Oh, and it’s also lightweight which is a requirement in the south. I almost always wear this jumpsuit with my fringe slides but thought I’d sass it up with wedges for this post  mimosas with the girls. 😉


Jumpsuit: Old Navy (sold out) similar HERE / Handbag: Kate Spade (old) similar HERE / Wedges: UGG (old) similar HERE / Necklace: Julia Marie / Sunglasses: Prada c/o Ditto (Use Code: JULIAMARIE for 1 month FREE)

*** Lazy Chic – looking chic with minimal effort.



2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. I think this outfit looks great on you. I’ve always loved your looked though. Wishing I could pull it off as you do.

    1. Thank you so much, Trish!! You totally can, you just have to believe you’re a bad b. It’s all about confidence!

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