How to Prevent Chub Rub


How to Prevent Chub Run

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What is chub rub?

Chub rub can be best described as when your thighs love on one another while wearing a dress, short shorts in beautiful hot humid weather creating moisture and your thighs refusing to part. They’re soulmates, okay!

Shorts Method

I have heard of/read a few different methods to fight off chub rub and I will share them all. Personally, I have one method that I have been using almost a decade now, shorts (think Spanx but not that constricting) 🙂 I don’t wear shorts IRL, ever. Never. Ever. so my potential chub rub happens when I wear dresses. I choose to fight off chub rub with shorts when wearing my favorite dresses for more than one reason.

1) I’m a lady and have a rather large rump and shorts give men less jiggle to fantasize about. Also, my butt tends to grab the fabric from my dress anytime I make a sudden move and shorts prevent this from happening as well as smooths me out and tightens me up 😉

2) Shorts prevent the world from seeing my Britney (Like I said, LADY!). Unfortunately, I have seen numerous butt cheeks unintentionally from women who didn’t realize their underwear wasn’t going to provide them coverage when they reached for socks on the bottom tier of a fixture.

3) No Chub Rub because my thighs never actually touch one another.


I have numerous shorts I wear my absolute FAVORITE are a pair of Rachel Zoe for Jockey. I found them at Ross for $7 a few years ago, I haven’t been blessed with another score like that since but I’m still searching *cues BabyFace “When will I see you again”*


If you brave short shorts and want to prevent chub rub products are the way to go.

Disclaimer: I have never used any of these products for chub rub (I stick to shorts) so my recommendations are from hear say.

  1. Baby Powder. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a HUGE advocate for Baby Powder (Johnson & Johnson have your people call my people). At one point I literally used it for everything. Hello hot humid summer in Charleston. Dry Shampoo? No, Baby Powder. Sweaty feet in closed toe shoes? Baby Powder (that’s another post!). If you’re in a pinch baby powder can be a quick fix just pat baby powder on your inner thighs and BOOM you should be good a block or 5 😉
  2. Deordorant. For the same reasons you use it under your arms is the same reason to use it on your thighs. It will keep your thighs fresh and dry and from ripping eachother a part.
  3. Body Glide. It is literally in a deordant style package and is $8 with the tagline “the orginal anti chaffe” It appears to just be deordant with a huge price mark-up because it’s marketed to a different part of your body. However, idk because I’ve never used it. You do you, though!

Please let me know if you have any chub rub prevention tips or if you have any under shorts recommendations* in the comments below.

***seriously, none are as good as those Jockeys and I need at least 10 more pair.

2 thoughts on “How to Prevent Chub Rub

  1. Hey! I LOVE the Jockey slipshorts… If you’re ever in Charleston there’s a Jockey store at Tanger Outlets & they’re often on sale but even when not, they’re cheaper than they are elsewhere.
    Another great thing I use sometimes is my husband’s “Fresh Balls” (lol). It’s a cream that dries to a powder, I think they make a version specifically for women but I just steal his when I need to… The drawback to this one is that before it dries, if your skirt/dress is black and you’re not careful, it’s messy. I’ll rub it on while I’m getting ready & then just throw on a robe & do my hair/makeup and try to wait until it’s fully dry to get dressed.

  2. YES!!!! I will be stopping by the Jockey outlet store next time I’m home! Thank you!!! …. I’m really into this “Fresh Balls” I didn’t know they made that product but it is needed.

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